Everyone at every age needs a hand now and then – but in the thick of winter we want to make sure we do our best to be good to our neighbors.  If you know your neighbor is elderly, sick or just a little unprepared, the right thing is to lend a hand [or one of your sons’].

EVEN THE GRUMPY OLD GUY NEXT DOOR… Help him out too.  Sometimes the elderly don’t mean to be difficult, they’re just feeling the sting of age or loneliness. Try to be patient and helpful, even if they are not so warm and fuzzy about it.

MAKE SURE YOU ARE SAFE AND WARM when you’re outside in extreme weather; never do more than you feel you can do, work smart, and shovel in layers NOT lumps.

If you need help with snow removal or cleaning up any damage created from the storm you can always give us a call. Don’t forget to have a little fun with it too!  We all need to enjoy all of what nature has for us – it won’t always be sunny days on the beach… but every day is a gift!