The professionals at G-BELLA conduct many estate sales. So, we are experienced at promoting estate sales to a list of eager buyers waiting for our sales. If your estate sale contains antiques and valuables, we can help assure top dollar. Our service is quick and confidential.

We work hard to sell everything you offer, at the highest price possible. And, we’ll consult with you about the pricing, to ensure that while the sale continues, buyers will be enthusiastic about remaining items. Still, most of the time there will be a few items left over; often, these can be donated to charity so you’ll have a tax deduction. At the end of the sale, we can help you arrange for a third party to remove any remaining items, and clean out any trash left behind, including sweeping. Usually there’s no charge for this, but if there’s a large amount of trash or unsellable items, we’ll deduct the cost of cleanup from the sale proceeds. We’ll work closely with you to ensure maximum sales and minimum left-overs.

– Cross promotion of estate sale with Realtor®.

– Sale sign placement in high traffic areas.

– Conduct estate sale and assist customers.

– Cleaning and preparation of home for estate sale.

– Donate unsold items to charity on your behalf

– Provide shoppers the convenience of credit and debit card purchases.

– Organize and clean all items to maximize sales.

– Research values and price items.

– Advertise estate sale online and in local classifieds.

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