Estates Sales can be easy when you work with someone like Cleanouts by G-Bella. We can handle all of the details of the Estate Sale.  We’ll discuss with you how to hire a cleanup crew, how to price merchandise and how to protect against theft when the estate sale actually takes place.  We will help you set realistic expectations while working hard to deliver beyond our promises.

We are available for a consultation any time. In the mean time let’s give you a bit of advice.

  1. If you have siblings or partners, start by deciding what to keep and what to let go, this can sound easy, but may be difficult when it’s time to actually sell.
  2. Before having an Estate Sale search for signatures, brand names, styles and/or age.  There are times when some items may seem like nothing, but their age or style may deliver a small fortune to your door.
  3. Who will help out during the estate sale?  If you don’t have enough help to keep an eye out for thieves you may loose hundreds or thousands of dollars. This is not just about physical theft, you need people who know how to price items too.
  4. Some Estates Sales are run by letting customers inside the home.  But many sessions are run more like a yard sale or antique sale on the front lawn, driveway or patio if possible.  You may only want to let serious qualified buyers into special key rooms with the best items. When you hire an experienced Estate Sale Planner he/she will tell you what they recommend.
  5. Some Estate Sales turn into full Yard Sales or Garage Sales.  You’ll want to be smart enough to manage your time and know when to keep it very simple.  If you begin looking through your family items and you see that items may not be worth hosting an Estate Sale you can host the Garage Sale and then call G-Bella or a service like ours to clean up before and after the event.

With a good crew and a great plan for the day you can look forward to having a “perfect” day. Cleanouts by G-Bella, LLC is here for you… you’re not on your own.