In my life I’ve moved, helped friends moved and hired movers.  No matter what you do, there are always challenges that go along with moving.  When you make your decision think of just a few things.

Compare Prices

You need to know the full cost of your move – include the cost of the truck, workers, tips (and bribes) into everything you do.  (Trust me, friends are NOT free, you’ll need pizza, beer and burgers for most) so make sure you’ve got it right.

Time and Timing

How much time will it take you to properly pack and move all of your items?  Will you have to take time off of work?  Are you able to handle it yourself or do you need help from your family or friends?  Just figure out if it’s better to do it yourself or if you’ll save money or time by hiring someone.  Hiring someone may be easier, but you may save hundreds of dollars by packing yourself.

Insurance Insurance Insurance

You haven’t lived unless you’ve had something broken by a moving company. Please let us encourage you to protect your assets.  NOTHING can replace a cherished asset, but it’s always wise to be protected. Worried it’s not in the budget? Find the budget.  Unless you’re sure that you own nothing of value, you almost cannot afford to skip this all too necessary expense.

When you’re ready with the big move, don’t forget to call G-Bella to do your final clean up before the move.