I just found this article while I was looking for Local News… We all need to know what’s going on locally.  Here you go.

Members of the public who experienced any storm-related damage to their properties can report incidents to the Sussex County Emergency Operations Center by calling the EOC at 856-7366 beginning at 9 a.m. Tuesday, Jan. 26.

Property owners and residents should be prepared to provide details about the type of damage suffered, what caused it, the location, and whether they have insurance.

Damage must be a result of the storm between Friday, Jan. 22, and Sunday, Jan. 24. Only businesses and primary residences, not seasonal homes, are eligible.

“First-hand reports from property owners are critical for us, as emergency managers, to assess the amount of damage that follows an event like this major winter storm,” EOC Director Joseph L. Thomas said. “We know there is the potential for serious flooding damage, particularly along the Inland Bays and other low-lying areas. So it’s important to get that information in hand quickly to get a clearer sense of the storm’s effects.”

Information collected by the Sussex County EOC will be used for assessment reports that are shared with the Delaware Emergency Management Agency for consideration toward any future federal disaster assistance application.